Frozen Butt Archery Shoot
February 26, 2017

This year our Frozen Butt 3D Archery Shoot will be held on Sunday, February 26th. Start time is 08.30 hrs. Ticket price is $20 (Cash only). Concessions are available.


Range Commands

Here is a list of common Range Commands you may hear on the Range.  Reading this will help you prepare for your day at the Range

"Range is Active."

  • Red Flag is up
  • You may handle/unpack/pack your firearms at the firing line
  • You may load magazines
  • You may NOT load your firearms

"Eyes and Ear Protection On."

  • Everybody in attendance must put their on their ear and eye protection.

" Load and Commence Fire."

  • Firing may be conducted as per the Range Officers instruction.

"Cease Fire."

  • All Firing Must Stop.

"Make the Range Safe."

  • All Firearms are unloaded and chambers locked in the open position.
  • Open chambers are displayed as per the Range Officers Instruction.
  • Firearms are stored as per the Range Officers Instruction.
  • Chamber Flags are used in Firearms where the Chamber cannot be locked open.
  • Everybody in attendancemust move behind the safe line.
  • The Range officer will visually inspect all firearms to ensure the are unloaded and safe.

"The Range is Closed, you may go downrange and check your targets."

  • Firearms may NOT be handled during this period.No Exceptions!
  • Shooters may proceed down range and check/replace their targets
  • When you return from downrange, step to behind the safe line.

"Has everybody returned from downrange?"

  • All personnel should visually confirm that nobody is still downrange, and that everybody is safely behind the safe line.


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