Frozen Butt Archery Shoot
February 26, 2017

This year our Frozen Butt 3D Archery Shoot will be held on Sunday, February 26th. Start time is 08.30 hrs. Ticket price is $20 (Cash only). Concessions are available.


Range Safety

Safety is Penticton Shooting Sports primary concern.  We are focused on providing a safe and friendly environment for our club members and their guests.

Nothing can ruin a day faster than one individual and their unsafe firearms practices.

Some common infractions we see and to beware of in yourself.
  • Never handle a firearm when the range is closed or inactive.It doesn’t matter if the firearm is unloaded or if you were only stroking the beautiful finish on it.Your fellow members are downrange and will not appreciate you handling a firearm while it is pointed in their direction. 
  • Take care unpacking your firearms so you don’t sweep the range with the muzzle.Pointing even an unloaded firearm is a federal offence, you may not be doing it in a threatening manner, but it’s all in how the person you pointed it at perceives it.Try to visualize a red hot laser pointing out the end of your firearms that will burn everything it touches.This will help you remember to keep your firearms pointed in a safe and unthreatening direction at all times.
  • Take care clearing jams, loading and unloading your firearms.It’s easy to get focused on an issue with your firearm and forget where your pointing it.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger, unless you are on target and ready to fire.
  • Always be aware of your targets foreground and background.As well be aware of any ricochets.Shooting at targets on the ground will result in ricocheted rounds.

Safety Infractions

Our Range Safety Officers will be on site at all times to help identify any safety concerns.  If you have any questions about Range Safety please be sure to ask.

Minor Infractions will be politely corrected.  If Minor infractions continue they will be escalated to Major Infractions and the violators may be asked to leave the range.  All Major infractions will be recorded in an Incident Report.
  • Penalties for Major Infractions could include:
    • Being asked to leave the Range
    • Having your membership revoked
    • Being Banned from Penticton Shooting Sports
    • In extremely serious Major Safety Concerns, the RCMP will be contacted and Public Safety Concern will be raised.


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