Frozen Butt Archery Shoot
February 26, 2017

This year our Frozen Butt 3D Archery Shoot will be held on Sunday, February 26th. Start time is 08.30 hrs. Ticket price is $20 (Cash only). Concessions are available.


Code of Conduct for Members and Guests of PSSA

It is the policy of PSSA that all members and guests at all events maintain the highest degree of credibility and decorum possible, and make every attempt to conduct themselves in a manner so as to not embarrass PSSA by their words or actions.
Behavior by anyone that does not meet PSSA's standard and which has the potential to harm the reputation of PSSA or any of its members is prohibited.
Good sportsmanship is the obligation of every member and is an integral part of every event sponsored by or held at PSSA.
The ethical environment of PSSA must affirm and reflect primacy of human dignity, must encourage growth and achievement, and must insist on respect in all interpersonal relationships.
PSSA's members and their guests are held accountable for their use of profane, vulgar, or offensive language and behaveior.
Abusive treatment of fellow shooters and/or range/club officials is prohibited and will not be tolerated.
Disputes and disagreements among PSSA members and guests shall be deal with by following PSSA's Grievance Procedure.


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